Save a life for 11p

WISAblock is very proud to have developed a cost effective, “reasonably practicable”(the degree of risk in a particular situation can be balanced against the time, trouble, cost and physical difficulty of taking measures to avoid the risk) and practical solution to anti impalement on reinforced steel starter bars.

When we decided to develop an anti impalement device, we knew it had to be strong and robust in order to withstand the rigours of life on a construction site. Employed as Site Managers, we knew it was a harsh environment and it had to be good. It needed to be quick to install, but most of all it had to withstand a fall of a person, ultimately protecting that person from being impaled. This was crucial!

Through development and testing, we achieved all of those things. That day was a proud day!

We soon realised through numerous case studies that our product withstood multiple applications. We had indeed manufactured a strong, trustworthy, robust safety product, which would allow users to suspend timber securely and feel safe in the knowledge it would last the test of time and protect workers.

When we investigated the use of WISAblock, we discovered it was a cost effective alternative to plastic mushroom caps. It had to be, if not the market wouldn’t accept it.

We calculated that on average, a single WISAblock could cover approximately 10 single starter bars.

We proved in case studies that WISAblock were used up to 7 applications on different sites, for the same user. However, potentially it could be used over 15 applications, as WISAblock fitted all size bars up to 32mm.

This equation concluded that WISAblock used over 7 applications would equate to a cost on average of less than 11p per starter bar.

WISAblock is proved as a cost effective substitute for plastic mushrooms, whilst reducing the risk of impalement on reinforced steel starter bars . Pay less, be safer, do a better job.

This is the calculation:

* £7.50/10 = 75p 75p/7 applications = 11p per starter bar

Important Information: Where WISA Ltd states “save a life for as little as 11p” this means that the use of WISAblock as part of an anti impalement system could potentially prevent a fatality by reducing the risk of impalement in the event of a fall on unprotected steel starter bars. Please read WISAblock’s Warnings and Installation Instructions.