Anti Impalement Rebar Protection System

WISAblock is a safe, efficient and cost-effective way of protecting against impalement and the threat of other serious injuries posed by exposed, or poorly protected steel starter bars on concrete substructures.

WISA Advanced Anti Impalement Guard System

WISA’s revolutionary ‘good practice’ methodology of installing reinforced steel starter bars protects individuals from impalement throughout installation – watch the video today.

Under HASAWA1974 every company has to provide a duty of care to their employees and with construction site safety standards constantly under review, there is a growing requirement to improve construction site safety relating to the risk of impalement injuries. With anti-impalement now becoming mandatory on some construction sites, WISAblock offers you this cost effective solution.

WISAblock Rebar Safety Features and Benefits

Fully patented design – Tested to OSHA requirements with 114kG from 3m height (Blocks at 1.5m centres)

80% reduction in application times compared to individual rebar safety caps

Minimum 50% cost reduction compared to alternative anti-impalement methods

Innovative clamp design fits 10mm – 32mm rebar sizes

WISAblock over multiple applications can be calculated to as little as 5p per bar

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UK Patent Application No. 1602838.3 and European Patent Application 14755907.4

Publication number EP3036383

INT – 2014310408 –  14/913,209 – 1602838.3 – 14755907.4

HK – 16108917.5.

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