WISAblock Vs Visual aid cap. The Myth that anti impalement methodology is expensive !

During my travels delivering WISAblock presentations, the question generally arises regarding the perceived expense of anti impalement methodology; this is of course a complete myth.

I have had extensive experience during my time as a site manager on Major projects in the use of standard visual aid caps and have been very much aware that generally, these items were discarded and dumped at the end of the job. It was also clear that operatives constantly had to re apply the incorrectly sized mushroom caps as they were often found dislodged by adverse weather conditions. This of course being an indirect cost. Labour times alone to install and re apply these caps were far to excessive and very unproductive. Therefore the constant re purchasing, laborious installation times and reapplication time all summated to an additional project cost.

Now if you make a straight comparison between one mushroom and one WISAblock then of course you will observe a clear cost difference, however this cost comparison is clearly flawed. This would be like comparing the cost of one liquorish sweet to a bag of your favourite “Liquorice allsorts”. The bag is obviously more expensive however you are clearly receiving better value when buying a bag of your favourite sweets. Hence why in all cases it is far cheaper to buy in larger volumes.

This principal is of course true with WISAblock vs Visual aid cap as one single WISAblock covers on average , ten single reinforced steel bars for multiple applications.  Not one bar , one application as a visual aid cap has proven to be.

Numerous case studies proved that WISAblock withstood multiple applications. WISA had manufactured a strong trustworthy robust safety product which would allow users to suspend timber securely and feel safe in the knowledge it would last the test of time and protect his workers.

WISA calculated that WISAblock on average could cover approximately 10 single starter bars.

We also proved in case studies that WISAblock were used up to 7 applications on different sites for the same user.

We also knew that it could potentially be used over 15 applications as WISAblock fitted all size bars up to 32mm.

This equation concluded that WISAblock used over 7 applications would equate to a cost on average of 11p per starter bar, far cheaper than a non impalement visual aid cap.

WISAblock has been proved as a cost effective substitute for plastic mushrooms which provides anti impalement protection and increased time benefits.

7.50/10 = 75p     75p/7 applications = 11p per starter bar