WISAblock – Further Safety benefits

Recently, before delivering a safety presentation to VolkerStevin, I found myself considering the 80% installation time savings of the WISA system and the potential benefits this could bring.

If you are not already familiar with our calculation here it is:

Time to install a single mushroom cap was estimated at 5 seconds/bar

Time to install 2 rows of 1200 starter bars would equal 200 minutes

In comparison, time to install the WISAblock system per bar was timed at 1 second/bar

Therefore time to install 2 rows of 1200 bars equates to 40 minutes

A time saving of 160 minutes/2hrs 40mins

 80% time saving

Generally, when I considered the time savings of the WISA system, I would automatically think of productivity. Every client, organisation, contracts manager, project manager site manager and operative strives for greater productivity and efficiency. In fact it is human nature to develop these elements of work. With shorter timescales, delays and rising costs, improvement in efficiency and productivity is a constant requirement. This is indeed a wonderful benefit of the WISA system and again supported the argument of a ‘reasonably practicable ‘ cost effective alternative to standard methods.

On this occasion however I was delivering to predominantly safety professionals and thought how could this positive gain in time effect general safety. I then realised that actually the major benefits were potentially all elements of site Health and Safety. From a safety perspective it was not just the anti impalement protection the WISA system provided but the 80% time saving would allow time to carry out additional health and safety related tasks on site.

I then considered the potential safety benefits. The additional time could alternatively be used improving site housekeeping. I was made aware of a recent incident involving an individual actually slipping on a discarded mushroom cap causing a lost time incident. Slips trips and falls being statistically high when it comes to on site accidents and lost time injuries. Ensuring the safe access and egress was intact and not blocked by materials and equipment.

The time benefit could be utilised planning the task more adequately, ensuring control measures were identified and implemented.

Reviewing method statements and risk assessments. Carrying out daily plant checks , visual inspections on excavations and temporary works. Allowing time for Toolbox talks and worker/site manager engagement. Perhaps suggesting improvement ideas.

The list goes on. Perhaps there is something within your organisation that has been identified as requiring improvement that may benefit from this gain in time from the use of the WISA system on your sites

I soon realised that the use of the WISA system not only provided greater protection regards to anti impalement but actually could potentially improve all of site safety , improving safety culture and striving for the holy grail of target zero. This can only be a positive change regards to Health and Safety within your organisation.