A WISA Vision for Construction Site Safety

We wouldn’t be the first construction workers who have seen reinforced steel construction work and felt despair after spending a large amount of time installing plastic caps, returning to the same area that afternoon only to find most of the units we had installed had ended up on the ground after a light gust of wind. The heart sinking feeling knowing that you must either go around picking up the caps, re-installing them onto the starter bars only to find another gust of wind cancelled out your good work, leaving the caps off and risking injury to your close colleagues. Not only that, we knew that the plastic caps were practically useless at protecting anyone, so let’s be honest, why bother putting them on in the first place. Clearly this wasn’t good enough.

The fact of the matter is – plastic rebar protection caps have been proved to be ineffective against impalement, so why would you use them. Exactly, why would you!

WISAblock’s vision is to provide every construction site with a cost effective anti impalement alternative to plastic rebar protection caps, providing operatives with a fast and easy method to protect themselves against serious injury. Raising the level of safety by reducing the risk of impalement and aiming to eradicate injuries relating to reinforced steel starter bars; giving piece of mind not only to the operatives but to Construction Site Managers, Project Managers and the company itself.