UK Concrete Show

Great news – WISAblock will be exhibiting at the UK Concrete Show 2015 The UK Concrete Show is an international trade show highlighting the very latest, innovative products and techniques helping to improve the concrete industry.  This years show takes place at Birmingham NEC for 2 days 25 – 26 February 2015. Come see WISAblock demonstrate their innovative […]

How safe are plastic mushroom caps?

“The purpose of this alert is to advise employers and employees of the dangers of falling against exposed reinforcement bars, even if they have plastic protective covers (known as rebar-caps) attached.  It also provides advice to suppliers of rebar-caps. Background An incident occurred in New South Wales in which a person stumbled and fell, impaling […]

A WISA Vision for Construction Site Safety

WISAblock’s vision for construction sites. We wouldn’t be the first construction workers who have seen reinforced steel construction work and felt despair after spending a large amount of time installing plastic caps, returning to the same area that afternoon only to find most of the units we had installed had ended up on the ground after […]

Newall Civil Engineering raise standards for rebar protection

Newall Civil Engineering have endorsed WISAblock as an alternative to steel bar mushroom caps, raising standards for rebar protection on Newall projects. They will be using WISAblock on all future projects and also incorporating the method in their standard guidance, stating that WISAblock offers not only anti impalement protection but also offers a cost reduction […]

Sword Construction Doncaster

Successful rebar protection trial for Sword Construction in Doncaster using WISAblock as an alternative to mushroom style plastic rebar caps, guarding exposed bars and reducing the risk of impalement. WISAblock in action reducing risk of impalement (Sword Construction, Doncaster, UK) @wisaltd July 28, 2014 Image provided by Sword Construction (Doncaster)

WISAblock Testing 22.05.14

Tested to OSHA requirements, the criteria for WISAblock testing (View Testing Video) was to drop an 18 stone punchbag from a height of 2m and 3m directly onto 4-2 timber held in position by two rows of WISAblocks positioned 1.5m apart. Timber covered reinforced steel starter bars at 165mm centres.  Starter bars used, ranged from 10mm […]